Meet the Team

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Pinball Company’s passionate group of pinball enthusiasts who keep the bells ringing and the flippers flipping. Our team is a fun mix of seasoned pros and bright newcomers, each bringing their unique skills and love for pinball to the table. Whether it’s helping you find your perfect machine, or offering tips to beat your high score, we’re here for all your pinball needs. Come on in and get to know the friendly faces behind the silver ball magic at The Pinball Company!

Nic Parks                                                       Founder & Chairman

Nic started The Pinball Company in 2006 with a simple website and a dream. Today, it has surpassed all his expectations. Nic is a serial entrepreneur and enjoys supporting local charities and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.

Brooke Parks                                                      CEO

Brooke joined the company in 2007. She keeps things running smoothly and is the primary reason why we have such happy customers. Our vendors love her too! When she is not working, she enjoys running and playing with her kids.

Nic Parks                                                       Founder & Chairman

Dominic joined The Pinball Company in 2021 and he brings a wealth of business and pinball knowledge in with him. Dominic will help lead the company’s growth going forward. He is also a world class pinball player. His favorite pinball machine to play is Jurassic Park.

Mark Montgomery                                                      Technician/Fixer

Mark has been with The Pinball Company since 2010 and is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. He is a master “fixer” and can fix pretty much anything. He handles most of our local in home deliveries and customers always complement his professionalism and attention to detail. It is hard to run a business without a guy like Mark around.

Dan Goett                                                      Lead Pinball Technician

Dan joined The Pinball Company in 2013. His expertise and attention to detail make our refurbished machines the best in the business! Dan holds himself to an extremely high standard and customers often call complementing his work. His favorite game to restore is Twilight Zone and his favorite game in his collection is Iron Maiden.

Nathan Goett                                                       Pinball Technician

Nathan joined The Pinball Company in 2016. His work ethic and eagerness to learn has made him one of the best young technicians in the industry. Like his dad, Nathan holds himself to a high standard and has played an instrumental role in continuing to make the company’s refurbishing process even better. His favorite game to restore is Addams Family and his favorite game in his collection is Congo.